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Quest Serviced Apartment Investments

A Quest Properties investment means there’s none of the usual frustrations typically associated with owning a residential investment property and no need to worry about things like minor repair and maintenance obligations or property management fees.

Rents are paid monthly direct to you without any deductions. You own a secure, strata titled investment property with none of the hassles associated with finding tenants, worrying about unpaid rent or vacancies.

  • Generally 6.5%+ gross rental return
  • No management fees – no letting fees
  • Built-in rent increases
  • No vacancies – rent paid 365 days a year regardless of occupancy
  • Long term lease with commercial performance
  • Tenant responsible for non capital repairs
  • Strata titled residential apartments
  • Bricks & mortar security
  • Attractive taxation benefits
  • Security of a 25+ year trusted Australian brand as your tenant


Side by side, there’s no comparison

Associated Costs Quest Properties Typical residential property
Lease Long term lease with a trusted Australian brand. Short term 12 month lease and changes of tenants
Rental increases Fixed annual rental increases at 4% or CPI with 5 year market reviews Uncertain and subject to market conditions
Vacancy periods Nil – rent paid regardless of occupancy No rent when vacant between tenants
Agent Management fees Nil Landlord cost – typically 7-8% of rent
Repairs and maintenance Quest responsible for non capital repairs. Landlord cost – all major and minor repairs
Body Corporate fees (Admin fee) Paid by Quest Operator Landlord cost – paid quarterly
Body Corporate (Sinking fund) Landlord obligation – capital account contribution Landlord obligation – capital account contribution
Building Insurance Paid by Quest Operator Landlord cost
Furniture and Fittings Quest obligation to maitain and replace Landlord obligation (fittings)
Letting fees Nil Landlord cost – typically 2 weeks rent
Advertising Nil Landlord cost
Capital works Landlord obligation, programmed & managed by Quest Landlord obligation as required
Building depreciation allowance Full taxation benefits Full taxation benefits
Property Inspections Daily 6 monthly


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